What did I learn in the midst of adversity? Following up on previous thoughts I shared earlier in 2020, about what I learned in the mist of adversity… Read the part 1 here!

Tip #4 – Get creative!

The positive benefits of creativity have been well documented in psychology research: feeling a sense of freedom (there is no right or good way in creativity); touching your authenticity by reconnecting to some of your deeper thoughts and strengths thru art; going back to more sincerity and peace of mind; and even, stress relief…

Tip #5 – Learn something new!

Similarly, getting back to the pleasure of learning something new, like a child, is a warranty to  better resist adversity. You put yourself in control of something you decided to learn, improve, excel in… and like magic, it works, and you smile again!

To quote Pablo Picasso:

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”…

and remember the last but not least…

Tip #3 – Ask yourself how much this issue will really weigh in 50 years from now?

Finally, a little bit of relativity can help. What if you transpose the problems you are carrying in 50 years from now? Which one of them will still be remembered, and still impacting you (and the planet) in 2070?

All the best for the rest of 2020! – and if you haven’t check out already our new online course from @Upwemove Academy, have a try! Take back the control of 2020!

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