Business literature is full of good reasons and quotes about the benefits of coaching, in the quest for a better management and a more resonant leadership in the workplace.


“There are managers who coach and managers who don’t.”    

Joseph R. Weintraub, James M. Hunt, in HBR


When asked about my own motivation to get certified as a Professional Coach, I always answer with the same 3 reasons:


A good coach will keep you in the positive zone: no more whining, no more half-empty glass, no more unsuccessful highway to hell. Instead, start winning, thanks to the positive vibes.


A good coach drives you back to the future: forget about nostalgia, regrets, bittersweet memories… Except for (beautiful) songs lyrics, staying stuck in the past never helped.


A good coach will help you to focus on what is really important and on what you CAN control. Soon you will see how much your creative mind has to offer.

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