About Up We Move

Our mission

Upwemove is an agile and innovative consulting firm that helps companies and people grow their soft skills and self-leadership abilities in an intercultural environment.

Our motto is: everybody can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

Our founding team

Our founding team is composed of Certified Professional Coaches, members of the International Coach Federation (ICF). They are certified in Solution-Focused and Ontological Coaching, including appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, neurosciences and NLP.

Sophie Lenglet is a customer-obsessed retail expert with ~25 years’ experience, including 15 years of management in Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Taiwan). She specializes in customer centricity, customer experience, marketing and sales development; management of expansion in fast-growing markets; and definition of online and offline strategies.

Nadia Agili is a highly accomplished professional with 20+ years of business development and country management roles in technology driven organizations throughout Europe, China, Singapore and Thailand. She helps companies specifically in the IoT & Smart City sector, finding the best talents globally and optimizing their human capital & organization to serve their worldwide growth strategy.

Our vision on Coaching and People Development

How can Upwemove help you, here and now?

reasons to hire a coach

As managers for 25 years, and as expatriates in Asia for 20 years, we know a little about global organisations: change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; difficult communication with cross-cultural and remote teams, and intergenerational misunderstandings…

As coaches, we believe that people already have all the necessary resources to be happy and successful, but that problems cannot be solved at the same place where they’ve been created.

We aim to build a creative partnership with our clients, focusing on designing and implementing specific and meaningful changes in their life and in their company strategy.

Clients reconnect with their values, with their dreams, and ignite their strengths again. More self-awareness, better self-leadership, increased intercultural readiness and clarity on goals and on what really matters: this is what you can expect from a learning journey with us.

And we keep it simple, focusing on small steps and key new opportunities. This means that you can start using your learning with us to improve your business and your life, straight away.

Because everybody can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

So shall we take you to new opportunities after this crisis?

Take the first step…