About Up We Move

Our mission for Corporates

At Upwemove, we know that working with the right people sharing the right mindset changes your daily life.

Talent management is no longer just about hiring and retaining. It is about hiring the right person for the right role, anticipating what your business will need and analysing how to empower, best organize and advance existing Talents and Teams. 

We are committed to focus on every Client’s search until it is achieved, no matter how long it takes and to support the final candidate during his onboarding process by sharing our professional expertise and recruiter insights.

Beyond filling strategic roles, we aim at directly improving your business results by aligning your individual talents and teams with your business strategy. We do this by delivering customized talent actions that include team optimization, individual performance coaching, and recruitment training. As a result, our clients truly maintain a competitive edge by maximizing talent potential, recruitment and retention strategies achieving increased overall productivity and wellness at work.

Our Mission for Individuals

How can Upwemove help you, here and now?

reasons to hire a coach

As managers for over 20 years across Europe and Asia, we know how difficult your Job can be: change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; difficult communication with the headquarters, with cross-cultural and remote teams, constant pressure on results and intergenerational misunderstandings…

As Coaches, we believe that you already have all the necessary resources to be happy and successful but sometimes you cannot see or access them anymore. This is when you need the help of an external non-judgmental eye that sees it and leads you to become more aware of how your own blockers and behaviours impact your results.

Stepping away for an hour a week is probably one of the most valuable investments you could think off. 

As Coaches, we act as partners and motivators to help you find Peace and Productivity. We ask you the right questions that lead you to find your own answers. They provoke the kind of shared ownership that gives you the energy and clarity to turn your ideas into reality. They see through the excuses that you make and they hold you accountable. They see how you limit yourself and they challenge you to do more. They serve as a guide while you create the plan, define the outcomes and take it to execution. They keep you motivated and committed to achieve the goals that we have co-defined together.

Our motto is: everybody can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

Our founding team

Our founding team is composed of professional Head Hunters and Certified Coaches coming from the Business, members of the International Coach Federation (ICF). They have a strong Business background in APAC and Europe and are certified in Solution-Focused and Ontological Coaching, including appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, neurosciences and NLP.

Nadia Chen is a highly accomplished professional with 20+ years of business development and country management roles in technology driven organizations throughout Europe, China, Singapore and Thailand. She helps companies mostly in the Technology, Energy and Transportation sectors, finding the best Talents globally and optimizing their human capital & organization to serve their business strategy.

Sophie Lenglet has been living and working in Asia since 2005 and has an extensive retail experience at both strategic and operational levels. She leads multicultural teams to develop successful business models and pivot concepts towards omnichannel growth, as well as to create the best customer experience.

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