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Will Agility Save 2021?

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Will Agility save 2021?…

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t really prepare for a VUCA world and that even if you try, you may still need to switch in lockdown mode in an instant, and be able to adapt (who wants to say ‘pivot’ anymore?) – to be able to grow and succeed in the face of change… again. 

So when it comes to leaving the year 2020 behind and looking to next year, how can we make sure we succeed, particularly in the face of uncertainty? One word: AGILE.


There are at least two good reasons to start “taking agile way beyond software“:

  1. Agile methods can help to fight against traditional organisations’ silos, that create delays, lack of efficiency and lack of ownership.
  2. Going agile, companies can better understand their customers needs while reducing their internal complexities, which ultimately improves their customers’ satisfaction.

Sounds like magic? There’s actually a secret recipe… 

  • Imagine you set up cross-cross-functional teams;
  • You make sure to cultivate servant-leaders; 
  • Let them adopt and tailor agile methods to your business;
  • Finally, you automate some tasks to lower the costs… 

then yes, magic will happen.

In 2021, agility needs to go beyond software context because it can provide solutions to improve collaboration, efficiency and velocity, in every kind of organisation. 


Agile methods are proven tools to empower people internally and externally, and to walk together towards a vision; for instance serving an ambitious innovation, creating a workplace full of happiness and of self-effectuation, or impacting positively the community. 

But there is more… As stated by McKinsey, “agility is catching fire .” – And where’s a better place to catch fire, if not in people’s heart and soul? Before we enter the new year, check in on your teams’ mood, mindset and “fire” is maybe the best idea… 

The Covid-19 crisis had more impact on non-software companies employees, that were maybe “less prepared” for the disruption caused by the pandemic, for instance in terms of remote working. Their work-life balance has been challenged more than ever, social distancing becoming the new norm. And with the stress and negative emotions accumulated over the last months, people are simply exhausted. 

Therefore, the energy needed to design an agile process, to change the way to work collaboratively, and the ability to be creative and to let go, are probably much harder to cultivate now than before (especially via Zoom!).

And all leaders, in software or non-software contexts, should really focus on people now, for the next big challenge at stake within teams will be the necessity to balance agile flexibility with the growing need for sense and security. 


Probably yes! Because when we go agile, we can do more with less, while looking for more cost-effective ways; and we can focus a lot more on the things that are going to actually make a difference, such as what our customer really wants. 

How much will we need to adjust agile approaches next year? It is definitely on the extensive energy to be deployed, in order to mobilise and to elevate the team’s mindset around agility and change.

Agile managers will be responsible for being the best role models of accountability, collaboration, transparency, and urgency to learn and adapt fast. Demonstrating on a daily basis their distinct skills of adaptability, resilience, learning, and foresight will be a must to make agility catch even more fire in all kinds of companies in 2021… before the next pivot moment!


The Why of Coaching

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The Why of Coaching

I talked with a friend recently about a topic I am often questioned about: what is coaching? How does it work?

I usually explain it in my own way and share my vision: 

Coaching is all about being positive, looking at the future and staying focus only on what you can control.

However on that same day, I came across the Simon Sinek’s golden circle:

And somehow it made me reframe my vision of coaching, and now I would also say that:

Often people come to coaching with a WHAT question, and they think that a coach will help them with the HOW… But it’s rather about the WHY that they will talk together and get fruitful answers.

Do you have your own experience and definition of coaching? I would love to hear more about it! 


What I learned in the mist of adversity – part 2

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What did I learn in the midst of adversity? Following up on previous thoughts I shared earlier in 2020, about what I learned in the mist of adversity… Read the part 1 here!

Tip #4 – Get creative!

The positive benefits of creativity have been well documented in psychology research: feeling a sense of freedom (there is no right or good way in creativity); touching your authenticity by reconnecting to some of your deeper thoughts and strengths thru art; going back to more sincerity and peace of mind; and even, stress relief…

Tip #5 – Learn something new!

Similarly, getting back to the pleasure of learning something new, like a child, is a warranty to  better resist adversity. You put yourself in control of something you decided to learn, improve, excel in… and like magic, it works, and you smile again!

To quote Pablo Picasso:

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”…

and remember the last but not least…

Tip #3 – Ask yourself how much this issue will really weigh in 50 years from now?

Finally, a little bit of relativity can help. What if you transpose the problems you are carrying in 50 years from now? Which one of them will still be remembered, and still impacting you (and the planet) in 2070?

All the best for the rest of 2020! – and if you haven’t check out already our new online course from @Upwemove Academy, have a try! Take back the control of 2020!

Transform weariness into energy and focus

Burnout : Transformez la Fatigue en Energie et Concentration

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Au sortir de la crise, quel est votre niveau d’énergie ? Parvenez-vous à identifier clairement vos objectifs et à vous concentrer dessus ? Evitez le burnout et prenez le temps de faire le point pour mieux rebondir.

Ce cours produit par Upwemove Academy va vous apporter :

– Une méthode complète pour éliminer le stress et l’anxiété

– Des outils efficaces pour retrouver énergie et focus

– De la clarté sur votre vision et votre plan d’action pour rebondir

Notre objectif principal est de vous accompagner dans la préservation ou la récupération de votre énergie et de votre concentration, en vous proposant une méthode unique et intégrative, alliant corps, esprit et émotions. Après avoir suivi ce cours, vous ne vous sentirez plus fatigué et dépassé, mais en contrôle et au top. C’est un investissement à vie pour votre bien-être.

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Transform weariness into energy and focus

Transform Weariness into Energy & Focus

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How is your energy level after the crisis? Do you have difficulties to keep your focus or to set up priority goals?

Our main objective with this exclusive course produced by Upwemove Academy is to support you in gaining or recovering energy focus: we offer a unique and integrative method, combining body, mind & emotions. After taking this course, you will no longer feel weary and overwhelmed but  in control and on top of things. This is a lifetime investment in your wellbeing.

This course will bring you:

– A complete method to gain or recover energy and focus

– Effective tools to let go on social pressure and develop healthy long-lasting habits

– Insights and practice of self-leadership and resilience

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