Tip #1 – Welcome the emerging questions… but do not seek immediate answers!

Walking through transition is a lot about time-management and patience. However the brain has some ancestral habits and never stops thinking, analyzing, planning, controlling… But right know many things are not in your control, therefore for some questions you may not find easy answers… It is important to welcome the emerging questions though, and write them down can release the pressure. Then, acknowledge that answers will unfold. Eventually everything will fall into place.

Tip #2 – Focus on your strengths

Self-leadership is a lot about knowing thyself and especially, your strengths. What makes you unique? What are your competencies? What are you really good at, which can also be of help during this transition? Any strength you would like to develop even more? You can complete this auto-diagnostic alone, or together with friends and colleagues, who would be able to give you these precious feedbacks. To function well in hard times, we need these positive vibes.

Tip #3 – Do not lose the vision

While experiencing changes and uncertainty, it is easy to get lost in regrets from the past or in very short-term issues, and forget what we really want. In the long term you still have your desired outcome and it is the moment to focus on it. Where would you like to live? What is your dream job? Who do you want to become? The more you add colors to your painted vision, setting goals and action steps to make it happen, the easier your present will become.

During transition times, in many ways coaching can help:

– it connects you to your strengths and values to reinforce identity;

– it supports your process of decision and nurtures clarity;

– it boosts your energyby defining goals and action plans towards your vision.


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